Saturday, August 20, 2016

Term 3 classes

This term we are operating out of three schools - Bromley School, Bamford School and Te Pa o Rakaihautu. Having spent a year or so in west Christchurch, we are now focusing back on the east, where many families are still struggling with ongoing earthquake related issues.
In Christchurch, we are trialing new ways of delivering our 2020 Trust digital literacy programmes. Instead of the normal Computers in Homes programmes, we are experimenting with mixing programmes, to better cater for all participants in our classes. At our three schools this term, we have introduced KiwiSkills to all students, either using  Intro to ICDL, or for our more advanced students,  the ICDL online modules.  More information about KiwiSkills can be found here

Classes begin at Bromley School again after 4 years.

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