Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing Dora

Thanks to funding from InternetNZ (see post below) we have been able to purchase a beautiful old school bus which we are in the process of refurbishing. Dora, as she has fondly been named, is from Alexandra, Central Otago, where she transported school children around for many years. Our aim is to reinvent her as a digital mobile classroom, giving her a new lease of life. She will be kitted out with all the latest electronic gear to enable her to operate independently - a bit like a mobile library bus - on steriods! Trainers will drive her to areas where our Computers in Homes families live, park up, and  graduates will come on board for SteppingUP classes (steps in digital literacy). Many of these areas (Aranui in particular), are still struggling with road works and transportation issues, making it difficult for participants to otherwise get to classes. Dora should be on the road within a month or so - ready for Term 3.

Dora  -  the refurbish begins.....


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