Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Funding from InternetNZ for Chch CiH


InternetNZ - the non-profit organisation that generates around $7 million a year from administering and wholesaling .co.nz web addresses - has awarded more than $370,000 of grants funding in a fresh Christchurch Funding Round.

Mobile Stepping Up Digital Learning Centre – Computers in Homes
This project will provide digital literacy training to families in some of the worst affected earthquake areas in Christchurch. A bus will be converted into a digital learning centre, similar to a mobile library.

Ongoing road re-construction, particularly in the eastern suburbs, means that public transport services are often rerouted, making it difficult, if not impossible, for families to attend training sessions, says Sue Davidson from Computers in Homes.   

“The mobile learning centre with its own power supply and satellite internet access will mean that adult learners can continue on their digital learning journeys without worrying about ‘how to get there’,” she says.

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