Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remarkit (CiH suppliers) help out in Chch

Brett O’Riley CEO of NZICT reports:
Industry collaboration for Christchurch
“Following the recent events in Christchurch, the ICT industry has a significant role to play in assisting the city’s business community and residents in getting back to normal as quickly as possible. A lot of great offers and ideas have been coming through, which have been much appreciated, and big ups to everyone for their efforts.  Now we have to ensure that all of these offers and ideas are coordinated to maximize their impact.
There is still a steady stream of hardware being donated and please channel that through Tim Findlay and his team at Remarkit.  They have put together an excellent process for collecting, refurbishing (where required), tracking and distributing the hardware.  No matter what the operating system the hardware is using please utilize Remarkit, we have had donations across the full spectrum.  Together we are keen to make sure the hardware gets utilized fully and is recycled to other users in Christchurch when appropriate.  Remarkit have also established a blog to capture many of the stories and commentary related to their work for Christchurch.”

Remarkit’s details are found at:

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