Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Calling all knitters to help please!

"Stay warm and dreamy in your Bedtime Beanie" A wonderful initiative if the New Brighton Project to help Christchurch people through the approaching winter - possibly without heating.
Behind the scenes, the New Brighton Project has become a part of the Greater Brighton: Community in Recovery group. You'll be pleased to know that there is an amazing collaboration of many New Brighton community groups who are meeting weekly, working hard to make sure your community gets back on its feet.
One of the first initiatives is the Bedtime Beanies Project. It is likely to be a cold winter – many chimneys are down and power prices high. Many people are living in damaged and damp homes. It is not realistic to expect things to be back to normal by the time the cold weather arrives. What can we do to make things a little better?
A lot of our body heat leaves through the head – keep the head warm and the body stays warm.
The goal is to provide the children in our district with a “Bedtime Beanie” A soft and comfortable bed hat to wear each night, and to achieve this by the end of May.
SO - CALLING ALL KNITTERS etc– CAN YOU HELP ? The only requirement is that the hat be made from soft fibre and comfortable to lie on and in a variety of sizes for primary school children.
As the project develops we will be able to keep everyone up to date with progress through the New Brighton Project Inc. website.
It would be great if each hat could have a little note pinned to it as to where it comes from and your name. “STAY WARM & DREAMY IN YOUR BEDTIME BEANIE”
Any Enquiries to: Jenny Lineham, 317 Keyes Road, New Brighton, 8083. Phone: 3886628

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